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کلید شناسایی Fusarium ciliatum

Fusarium ciliatum
Fusarium ciliatum Link
References: Booth 1971; Gerlach and Nirenberg 1982; Nelson et al. 1983.
Morphology: Conidiophores simple (monophialidic), resupinate, rarely branched apically, with massive and terminal macroconidia, forming sporodochia. Macroconidia hyaline, extremely slender, lunate, mostly 3- to 6-septate. No microconidia and chlamydospores observed.
Dimensions: Conidiophores 10–۲۰ × ۳٫۲–۵ μm. Conidia 40–۵۶ × ۲٫۲–۳٫۲ μm.
Material: 00-54 (Forest soil, Mt. Chibusa, Hahajima, the Bonin Islands, Tokyo, Japan).
Remarks: Colonies on PDA are homogeneous, yellowish brown centrally, white marginally, resupinate.