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Pomegranate fruit rot due to Alternaria

In most pomegranate orchards, pomegranate fruit rot alternaria is common. However, at the end of the season the disease is present on tree fruits. The disease is much more severe in Anbar and cold storage.

Symptoms of Pomegranate Rot Disease: The growth of the fungus within the fruit is very rapid as the flesh softens and crushes the fruit, turning the shades of black to gray. If the pathogen is entered through the holes created in the fruit’s throat, the disease will have no symptoms, but the symptoms appear when the pathogen enters the fruit through wounds and tissue damage. In infected and diseased fruits, soft, crushed tissue can be clearly seen in the affected area. Pomegranate fruit rot takes on a lighter color and is torn.
The cause of the disease can be various fungi, including Alternaria.
Important factors in pomegranate root rot are:
۱٫ Environmental factors that cause fruit cracks or thorns in the branches to hit and injure the fruit in the wind.
۲٫ Insects that infiltrate either themselves or larvae into the fruit can carry pomegranate fruit rot into the fruit. Like the pomegranate throat worm with the scientific name Spectrobata ceratoniae.
۳٫ Sucking insects as they age. They do not enter the fruit, but they insert their bite or onion, which may be contaminated with the fungus, so they carry the fungus into the fruit.
۴- Damage caused by mites, sunshine and mechanical factors.
a fight
۹۰% of the actions that can be taken against pomegranate fruit rot due to alternaria are related to the control and control of pomeg. throat worms.
۵- Timely harvesting of pomegranates. This will reduce damage to the fruit due to the early cold and the cracking that results.
۶- After harvesting healthy pomeg., remove from diseased and damaged fruit and then store them in storage or cold storage.
۷-When harvesting, ensure that the fruits are not damaged.
۸-If you want to store pomegranates in a warehouse or fridge, cut them with 1.5 to 2 per thousand tequendazole solution of thiabendazole brand to prevent them from rotting.
Pomegranate fruit should be stored in 2 to 10 degrees Celsius with relative humidity of 80 to 90 percent for 4 to 7 months.

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